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Poll Worker and Rover Information

Republican Poll Workers: Contact Tonya Wichman - (419) 782-8543 -
Democratic Poll Workers: Contact Kimberly Smith - (419) 782-2906 -

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The Defiance County Board of Elections seeks registered voters to staff 33 precincts each Election Day. To inquire about working at the polls, simply contact either one of the above representatives either by telephone or email.

Polling locations are placed throughout Defiance County; however every effort is made to place you close to where you live. When placing an inquiry, please indicate whether travel or location is a problem.

Poll workers are required to attend a training session given by Board of Elections personnel prior to an election. Workers are expected to be at their designated polling location at 5:30 am on Election Day and remain at the polling location until the polls are closed and precinct results tabulated. Polls officially close at 7:30 pm.

Poll workers either work as Vote Center Managers or Precinct Election Officials. A Vote Center Manager will make a base rate* plus travel allowance. A Precinct Election Officlal will receive the base rate*. Election training is required and is compensated to all poll workers. Duties of a Vote Center Manager include pick-up of precinct supplies the day prior to election and delivery of results and supplies to the Board of Elections office on election night. Duties of all election officials at the polls include opening of the voting machines and posting sample ballots as provided, checking voters for eligibility, assisting voters, closing voting machines, tabulating results from the precinct worked and maintaining a pleasant personality.

Rovers assist poll workers with many aspects of the touch-screen voting machines. Rovers will make a base rate* plus mileage.

If you enjoy working with people and performing a civic duty for your community, please contact the Defiance County Board of Elections at the above numbers or email address. Being a part of the political process and helping the community at the same time is a rewarding experience.

For further details, go to the Secretary of State’s website on Poll Worker Training.

* Call for information on base rate.