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2011 Werlor Collection at the Parks

The FREE DISPOSAL for Defiance City Residents was held on April 30th.  Werlor Recycling per contract with the city offers this event annually.  Defiance County Environmental Services assists Werlor and the City of Defiance by manning each of the contracted parks, they are:  Bronson, Kingsbury, Diehl and Latty’s Grove. Only residents of the city of Defiance are allowed to dump for free and must show proof of residency with a driver’s license or utility bill.

This year was not as busy as in the past and only four containers were hauled.  Kingsbury Park was manned by Defiance County Maintenance Employee – Lori Clauson , Diehl Park was manned by Public Works Crew Supervisor, Marvin Hageman, Latty’s Grove park by Defiance County Maintenance Stacie Hummel and Bronson Park by Defiance County Landfill Operator Paul Young.

The following pictures depict the appreciation of this event.