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Soil and Water Conservation District

Board of Supervisors

Board of Supervisors

  • Bill Moats, Chairperson
  • Keith Schroeder, Vice Chairperson
  • Jeff Hange, Secretary
  • Roger Zeedyk IV, Fiscal Agent
  • Terry Behnfeldt, Education/Public Information

Our mission is to protect the land and water of Defiance County by being an innovative leader, assisting and educating the public to make the best choices for conserving and preserving our natural resources.

Our vision is to build on a tradition of conservation excellence and to meet the natural resources challenges of the future.

The Defiance SWCD, founded in 1949 is one of 88 conservation districts in Ohio and one of nearly 3000 nationwide. The district is led by five dedicated local residents who are elected to a 3 year term as Board Supervisors and volunteer their time. Staffed with federal and state/county professionals, we assist all Defiance County residents, landowners, and communities with their natural resources conservation needs.

Our agency is an independent subdivision of the State of Ohio, associated with the Ohio Department of Agriculture - Division of Soil and Water Conservation and funded by Defiance County and state taxpayer monies.

The primary purpose of any soil and water conservation district is to bring people, governmental agencies, and private interests together to manage America's natural resources and environmental challenges. While resource objectives vary from district to district and will undoubtedly change over time, the need for a local entity to coordinate natural resource objectives will never change.

Services & Technical Assistance Available

  • Soil erosion inventory and conservation planning on cropland, pastureland, and woodland.
  • Conservation tillage and crop residue management
  • Survey and design for: Agriculture drainage and erosion control structures.
  • Survey and design for: Urban erosion control and critical area stabilization.
  • Individual residential site reviews in cooperation with township trustees
  • Trees and tree planting equipment
  • Pond clinics, Envirothon, Farm Fair, Public Official Tours
  • Pamphlets and brochures covering a wide range of natural resources.
  • School programs, conservation talks to farm and civic groups as well as 4H and scouts, soil and water conservation poster, essay and photo contests

Natural Resources Conservation Service

  • Steve Snyder, District Conservationist
  • Lori Shank, Soil Conservationist
  • Cristhian Carrasquillo, Soil Conservationist
  • Mike Boff, Soil Conservation Technician