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Adult Probation Department

The Responsibilities of the Defiance County Adult Probation, ISP Unit, include the preparation of the Pre-Sentence Investigations for the use of the Defiance County Common Pleas Court in sentencing felony and Misdemeanor Cases in Defiance County. In addition, the Unit supervises the cases of convicted sex offenders and high risk cases that have been afforded the opportunity of Community Control or Probation by the Court, as well as individuals, who have been provided the opportunity of Intervention in Lieu of Conviction.

The Unit provides guidance to offenders seeking appropriate counseling services, employment opportunities, and public assistance for them and their families. The Unit collects random urines for drug testing and also conducts Blood Alcohol Content tests. In addition, the Unit aids other agencies in dealing with offenders in the areas, such as the collection of child support payments, restitution, court costs and all other appropriate matters.

Offenders under the supervision of the Unit are provided the opportunity to improve their life and social skills and maintain their status in the community for the duration of their supervision period unless they chose to compromise that opportunity, and violate their conditions at which time appropriate action is initiated.