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Environmental and Administrative Services

Responsibilities: Defiance County Environmental and Administrative Services manages provides recycling and litter programs and other services for Defiance County as part of the Joint Solid Waste Management District of Defiance, Fulton, Paulding and Williams counties.  Each county has a county coordinator responsible for their recycling and litter programs.  These programs are designed to reach the State's Recycling Goal of 25% Residential-Commercial and 66% Industrial recycling.

Recycling Trailer: Manned recycling trailers are brought throughout the county, eleven (11) locations, to give rural areas opportunities to recycle.  The recycling trailer accepts: corrugated cardboard, pressboard, newspapers and inserts, magazines, paper, steel cans, plastic (milk jugs, pop bottles, water bottles, juice containers, detergent and bleach), and aluminum cans. Click on Recycling Schedule for more information.

Recycling Programs:  The school recycling program accepts: plastic bottles, aluminum cans, steel cans, paper and cardboard.  School recycling is picked up weekly and most schools within the county participate. The office recycling program accepts plastic bottles, aluminum cans, steel cans, paper and cardboard. Office recycling consists of county department facilities, Bob Latta's office, library, Good Sam and Weatherization.  The Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) recycling or proper disposal program provides a detailed list of local businesses that will accept HHW or ways to dispose of them. Click on HHW-Household Hazardous Waste for more information.

Litter Programs:  Environmental services attempts to pick up roadside litter from every Defiance County road, estimated at over 750 miles.  The Adopt-A-Highway (AAH) program promotes individuals, families and organizations to adopt a road and keep it free of litter by fulfilling a two year contract obligation.  AAH signs recognizing the individuals, families and/or organization are placed at the beginning and the end of the contracted road.  The AAH sign and disposal of the collected litter is paid for by Environmental Services.  Click on Adopt-A-Highway for more information.

Litter Containment Programs:  County events such as Art in the Park, Sherwood Homecoming and the Rib Fest utilizes our white plastic litter barrels to assure that litter in placed into a receptacle and not on the ground.  The event organizer is responsible for the removal and disposal of the trash.  Any event is eligible; just call the office to schedule.

Great American CleanupTM:  Keep Defiance County Beautiful is an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful and organizes cleanup events for the Great American CleanupTM held in early spring.  Click on GAC-Great American CleanupTM for more information.

Illegal Dumping:  Trash, mattresses, couches etc. dumped along a roadside is against the law.  To prevent further contamination into our waterways, Environmental Services works with local law enforcement to get the area cleaned up and look for identifying items that may lead to a citation or fine.

Other Services:  Click on Education and Outreach, Composting , Environmental Alternatives for more information.