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Defiance County Engineer

Today, the elected County Engineer is to "perform for the county all duties authorized or declared by law to be done by a Civil Engineer or Surveyor." Although specifically exempt from engineering duties affecting public buildings, he or she is the engineer for all public improvements under the authority of the Board of Commissioners within and for the County.

Ohio has the most rigorous standards in the United States for qualifying its Professional County Engineers. Ohio requires its County Engineers to be a fully licensed "Registered Professional Engineer," and a fully licensed "Registered Professional Surveyor."

Responsibilities of the County Engineer

The County Engineer participates in county and regional planning commissions and provides tax map drafting services for the county. The County Engineer is also responsible for the County Highway System and works with the County Commissioners and Township Trustees to carry out a wide variety of obligations.

County Highways

The County Engineer is responsbile for maintenance, repair, widening, resurfacing, and (re)construction of pavements and bridges in the County Highway System. Maintenance duties include traffic control, safety projects, mowing and snow removal.

Township Highways

The County Engineer serves as an engineering advisor to the Township Trustees for the maintenance, widening and repair of their highways.


The County Engineer is fully responsible for the bridges on both the County and Township Highway Systems. He or she may also be charged with the upkeep of bridges within municipalities, including some that are part of the State Highway System. The County Engineer performs the annual inspection and evaluation of the condition and load-carrying capacity of each bridge. The statues regulating this duty require a uniform method of procedure and record-keeping.