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Common Pleas Court Fees

Court Fees

Facsimile documents not to exceed 12 pages

Divorce $325.00
Dissolution $275.00
Divorce (w/children)$400.00
Dissolution (w/ children) $375.00
Civil Complaint $350.00
Counterclaim, Cross claim, 3rd Party Claim $350.00
Foreclosure $400.00
Order of Sale $875.00
Cancellation of Sheriff's Sale $75.00
Notice of Appeal in Workers Compensation $350.00
Motion / Post Decree $280.00
Motion w/ Consent Judgment $50.00
Appeal $150.00

Certificate of Judgment:

From Another Court $37.00
For Judgment granted on Home Case $35.00
CJ from State of Ohio $42.00
Make and send to another Court (issue) $8.00
Release CJ $5.00
Execution or Debtors Exam $250.00
Garnishments and Writ of Possession $150.00
Garnishment $150.00
Cognovit Note $150.00
Service by Foreign Co. Sheriff $25.00
Service by Publication $500.00
Foreign Judgment (per am sb no 23) $75.00
Expungement / Sealing Records $100.00

* Notary Commission must be done through the Ohio Secretary of State.