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Leash and Vicious Dog Laws

Defiance County Leash Law

Ohio Code 955.22, Section C:
No owner, keeper, or harborer of any dog shall fail at any time to keep it either physically confined or restrained upon the premises of the owner, keeper, or harborer by a leash, tether, adequate fence, supervision, or secure enclosure to prevent escape, or under reasonable control of some person, except when the dog is lawfully engaged in hunting accompanied by the owner, keeper, harborer, or handler.

Nuisance, Dangerous and Vicious Dog Laws

  • Defines a "nuisance dog" as a dog that without provocation and while off the premises of its owner, keeper, or harborer has chased or approached a person in either a menancing fashion or an apparent attitude of attack or has attempted to bite or otherwise endanger any person.
  • Defines a "dangerous dog" as a dog that, without provocation, has caused injury, other than killing or serious injury, to any person; has killed another dog; or has been the subject of a third or subsequent violation of a prohibition regarding general confinement and control of dogs.
  • Defines a "vicious dog" as a dog that, without provocation, has killed or caused serious injury to any person and repeals the automatic inclusion of a pit bull dog as a vicious dog.

All owners of vicious dogs are required to obtain liability insurance with an insurer authorized in this state providing coverage of not less than $100,000.