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Solid Waste Disposal

Solid waste disposal means the disposal of normally solid or semi-solid material resulting from human and animal activities that are useless, unwanted, or hazardous. It is the process of getting rid of the waste material that people, business, and industry generate.

Hazardous items which are prohibited from the Defiance County Landfill include, but are not limited to, automobile batteries, paint and various flammable and/or volatile substances, untreated medical waste, Freon, free flowing liquids, herbicides, pesticides and explosives. Hazardous items should be used up or given to someone who can use or recycle them. Many auto parts stores will take batteries. Automotive garages and many oil change services will take motor oil. Paints and other liquids can often be solidified by purchasing a product at most hardware stores or mixing with sand, dirt or cat litter. Reference our recycling page for further information.

Landfill disposal involves hauling garbage to an area owned by a community or a private firm. Such areas range from unsanitary open dumps, which are illegal, to properly operated sanitary landfills. The Defiance County Landfill is a licensed permitted sanitary landfill.