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Hicksville Transfer Station

07256 Gingrich Rd
Hicksville, OH 43526

Effective July 18, 2020 Customers will be directed to the unload area and  must unload their trucks and/or trailers themselves. The recycling trailer will no longer be available at this location.


The Hicksville Transfer Station is open on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays April to November and on the 1st Saturday December to March, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. Everyone is required to check in at the shed and pay before unloading.


Residential waste should be unloaded into a 45 CY container. The transfer station does NOT accept yard waste, liquids of any kind, batteries, tires, or anything containing Freon. Appliances: Refrigerator, Freezer, Air Conditioner (only if certified Freon free) Washer, Dishwasher, Dryer, Stove, Water Conditioner, Water Tank or Water heater are an additional charge of $15.00 per appliance.


Customers are charged to unload into the container at $7.00/CY. A garbage bag of trash is $1.50 per each bag. The County Public Work Crew Supervisor will measure trailers, trucks, wagons, etc. to determine the charge. In general, a small pickup would be $14.00; a full size pickup would be $21.00. Any waste above the side rails of the truck would be an additional $7.00. Trailers and wagons are measured: Width X Length X Height and then converted to CYs to determine the charge. Example: A trailer is 7 x 12 x 2 (divided by 27) = 6.22 (rounded to 6) 6 x $7/cy = $42 for that trailer.


The recycling trailer will no longer be available at this location.


Residents are asked to be cognate of the flow of traffic on Gingrich Road. Workers at the transfer station will direct vehicles within the transfer station boundaries.  All vehicles wanting to unload waste must pull into the stoned area at the shed to pay first, before unloading.


If you need any additional information please contact Defiance County Environmental Services at 419-782-5442.