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Adopt a Highway Program

A Safer Environment for Household Cleaners and Natural Remedies

Defiance County Environmental & Administrative Services also promotes the Adopt-A-Highway program. This program allows groups, individuals, families, etc. to “adopt” a two mile stretch of County roadway.

Defiance County Environmental & Administrative Services provides trash bags and will arrange pickup of the trash collected. The adopting group will be required to pickup up their requested two mile road, a minimum of four times a year and to adopt the roadway for a two year period. The adopting group will need to sign a contract for their roadway and a sign with their name (business or organizational name) will be erected on both ends of their two mile adopted road.

The State also has an Adopt-A-Highway program and people or organizations can adopt a two mile stretch of State Highways. To obtain more information on the State Adopt-A-Highway program, please contact Ted Foster at (419) 222-9055, or visit the Department of Transportation’s website.

Roads are available for adoption! If interested or if you want more information, please call 419-782-5442.

Banner School Road - Domersville Rd to Independence Rd Tinora Student Council 2
Behrens Road - Domersville to Adams Ridge Road St. Michaels Ridge Parish 2
Breininger Road- St. Rt. 18 to Buckskin Road The Rex Bassett Family 2
Canal Road - Winn Rd to Ball Rd In Memory of Barb Breckler 2
Carpenter Road - St. Rt 424 to Jewell Road Johns Manville Employees 2.5
Carter Road - St. Rt 15 S. to Ginter Road Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church Youth Group 1.2
Co. Rd 424 E - Mile marker 6 to mile marker 8 St. Paul's United Methodist Church 2
Co. Rd 424 W - The Bend Road to SR 127 Sherwood Boy Scout Troop #139 2
Coy Road - Blosser Rd to Buckskin FV FCCLA 2
Defiance-Ayersville Pl Bend Road - Fruit Ridge Rd. to Def City Limits Ayersville United Methodist Church Youth Group
Domersville Road - Flory Road to Elliott Road Liska Farms 2
Domersville Road - Flory Rd to Mekus Rd A Cut Above the Rest Tree Service 2.5
Elliot Road - St. Rt. 66 to Domersville Keller Logistics
Farmer-Mark Road - St. Rte 2/249 to Blosser Farmer Ag 4H 2
Fountain Street Road - St. Rt 127 to Farmer Mark Danny Zeedyk Family 4
Hire Road - St. Rt. 281 to 1st mile of Fullmer Fellowship Club 1
Holly Road & Def-Pldg Co Line Rd - St. Rt. 15 to Mansfield Rd MLK Goat Farm 2
Jericho Road - Farmer Mark to State Route 127 Danny Zeedyk Family 4
Jericho Road - Breininger Road to Farmer Mark Road Denver Zeedyk Family
Jericho Road - Price Road to Breininger Road Mark Blue Ribbon 4-H Club 2
Jewell Road - State Route 66 to Domersville Peace Lutheran Church 2
Kammeyer Road-St. Rt. 66 to Stever Road Whippoorwills 4-H Club 2
Kinner Road - Blanchard Rd through Mansfield Rd In memory of Richard "Dick" Couts, Sr. 2
Kiser Road - Canal to Krouse Rd Shafer Family 2
Krouse Road - US 24 to Hammersmith Road St. John Lutheran Church, Boy Scout Troop 75 2
Moser Road - Bannerschool Rd to Mekus Road St. Michaels Ridge Parish 2
Powers Road - Defiance Co Pldg Line to Canal Road In Memory of Pete Simonis 3
Scott Road - Glenburg Rd to Mulligan Bluff Vetter Family 2
Spencerville-Hicksville Road - Village limits to Ohio/Indiana State Line Hicksville Kiwanis 2.1
Standley Road - Def-Ayers PL Bend to Hire Rd Defiance Christian Church  
Standley Road - Hire Road to St. Rt 18 B-Square 4-H Club 1.8
Stever Road - State Rt 15 to Flory Road Mohr Family 2
The Bend Road - Def-Pldg Co Line to Delaware Bend RR Sherwood Boy Scout Troop #139 2
Watson Road - State Route 66 to Dohoney Road Rollin Thunder Motorcycle Club 2
Whetstone Road - US 24 to Defiance/Paulding Line In Memory of Alex Ellert 1.5

State Adopt-A-Highway Members

Updated June 2016

State Route 18 Boy Scout Troop 139 Sherwood 2
US 24 Complete Wireless Solutions 2
State Route 15 Defiance College Ecology Club 2
State Route 66 Defiance Rotary Club 2
State Route 66 Defiance Unit IBEW Local 2
State Route 66 Defiance Citizens in Action 2
State Route 127 Fairview FFA 2
State Route 15 Family & Friends of Stacie Heilman 2
State Route 18 Gateway Chapel 2
State Route 18 GM/UAW Defiance Plant 2
State Route 281 GM/UAW Defiance Plant 2
State Route 66 Det. #758 Marine Corps 2
State Route 2 Hicksville Knights of Columbus 2
State Route 127 Sherwood Masonic Lodge 2
State Route 281 Sims Metal Management 4
State Route 18 State Farm Insurance 2
State Route 15 The Brown Family 3
State Route 66 The Laurels of Defiance 1
US 24 Time Warner Cable 2
State Route 127 Williams Family 2