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Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day, April 22

Earth Day is an annual observance, formally proclaimed by the President, to occur each year on April 22nd. Even when it isn’t here we can help the planet in an important way, by celebrating Earth Day EVERY day!

Every day at Defiance County Environmental and Administrative Services is Earth Day. Although recycling is currently viewed as a fairly recent solution to many of the planet’s environmental problems, the U.S. scrap recycling industries have been reclaiming industrial byproducts and used and obsolete items and preparing them for reuse, since the colonial period, according to the industrial trade association.

Many Americans have identified recycling as one of their favorite environmental activities. One way to help recycle is to request products that are made from recycled material. It’s the old economic formula, supply and demand.

From an environmental perspective, the scrap recycling industry greatly reduces landfill use and incineration. For every tone of scrap paper recycled, 17 pulp trees are saved. Using scrap metal prevents desecration of landscapes by not mining new ores and metals. Air pollution is avoided when we recycle instead of burning material like plastics and paper.

If you would like to participate locally in recycling or litter prevention please review our calendar of events, Or call our office at (419) 782-5442.

12 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day!

  1. Reduce the amount of garbage you make.
  2. Reuse what you can, instead of throwing it away.
  3. Recycle plastics, paper, cardboard, aluminum and glass.
  4. Keep the faucet off while you brush your teeth.
  5. Turn off lights, TV’s, computers, and radios when they’re not in use, to save energy.
  6. Bring your lunch to school in a reusable lunchbox or sack, with a thermos.
  7. Use both sides of a piece of paper when you write or draw.
  8. When going short distances, walk or ride your bike.
  9. Use tote bags to carry groceries home from the store.
  10. Buy products with the least amount of packaging.
  11. Never litter.
  12. Take a quick shower instead of a bath.