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2009 Barb Breckler Memorial Maumee River Sweep

The Maumee River Shoreline Sweep took place Saturday, June 20th, 2009. It also marked 26 years the community has come together to clean the Maumee River. This event was renamed to the Barb Breckler Memorial Maumee River Shoreline Sweep last year, recognizing Defiance County Environmental Services Employee and friend: Barb Breckler, who participated and enjoyed helping with the shoreline sweep.

This year we were able to get more boats involved, but the Maumee was very high and some areas noted with debris were inaccessible. The volunteers still managed to pull out over 3 ton of trash, steel, bicycles, furniture, etc. Tim Houck, event coordinator and Director of Defiance County Environmental Services, reported that co-sponsors of the event were Fort Defiance Boat & Ski Club, Kissner’s Restaurant, and McDonalds (East side). The Correction Center of Northwest Ohio and Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Independence Dam State Park workers also assisted with this event. Kissner’s restaurant supplied breakfast for the volunteers and McDonalds the beverages.

Over 50 volunteers gathered at Independence Dam State Park Marina at 7:30am. The Fort Defiance Boat and Ski Club brought their boats to the marina to pick up volunteers to patrol and clean up the shores. Groups concentrated on the marina area, the shoreline of the Maumee from the dam to the railroad bridge west of the North Clinton Street Bridge. This is the area of the Maumee in Defiance County which is designated ‘recreational’. The Maumee River is an important part of our community and is not a one day event. Throughout the year recreational boaters and visitors, pick up litter and help to keep the river clean.

The Barb Breckler Memorial Maumee River Shoreline Sweep is part of the Solid Waste District’s Management Plan and is also a part of our Keep American Beautiful KAB activities. If you would like to participate in 2010’s river sweep, or would like more information, please call 419-782-5442 for more details.